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Qt Jambi ships as a single Java library, or JAR (Java Archive) file, plus a handful of tools, including an interface layout and design tool, and an Eclipse plug-in. Trolltech uses its vaunted Qt C++ library as the GUI engine and puts Java wrappers around it. This approach uses the JNI (Java Native Interface) to call the necessary functions from Java. More here.
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RE: Unconvinced
by sanctus on Fri 7th Dec 2007 13:42 UTC in reply to "Unconvinced"
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I don't know if you use OS X, but as a full time OS X user, swing applicantion can't lie. They never look nativ and you can always spot a swing application without knowing it is in java. It behave differently, generic windows tools are completly foreign (like the file chooser) and they are slower (when you which between tab to diffent menu.) If you want a swing application to look good on each platform, a lot of work is required.

Anyway, SWT writes on their site that it look native on every plateform. First thing you notice, ugly tabs that make application looks odd.

Gui designer in swing are well done (netbeans), swt are a total disaster. Qt designer is an incredible productity booster and is fun to use.

Their tools are so good, I think trolltech could give Q for free, reach a higher marker share. Then base their business on support and developpement tools. But anyway, they probably already think about it.

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