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SuSE, openSUSE Stephan Kulow has announced the availability of the first development release of openSUSE 11.0: "We'd like to kick start the development of openSUSE 11.0 with releasing the current state of Factory as Alpha0 release. Since the release of 10.3, we checked in 2,187 packages including such fundamental package updates as GCC 4.3.0, Linux kernel 2.6.24-rc4, X.Org 7.3, KDE 3.5.8 and 4.0 RC1, CUPS 1.3.4, ALSA 1.0.15, GIMP 2.4 and YaST 2.16. The change between 10.3 and Alpha0 is big, but it still works pretty nicely." More here.
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Updates Instead???
by WarpKat on Fri 7th Dec 2007 16:40 UTC
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Can one of the major distros just apply UPDATES to a base version of the OS to make it stable?

I like updated software just like anyone else, but wouldn't an UPDATE be more in order here?

The versions are moving just WAY TOO FAST here, IMHO.

I mean...we just got 10.2, with 10.3 right behind it and already they're thinking about 11???

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RE: Updates Instead???
by Joe User on Fri 7th Dec 2007 17:03 in reply to "Updates Instead???"
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Yeah, what happened with 10.4? This is ridiculous. They should fix the 10.3 bugs in the first place.

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RE[2]: Updates Instead???
by hibridmatthias on Sat 8th Dec 2007 02:53 in reply to "RE: Updates Instead???"
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I totally agree... I would have saved an 11 version for the first inclusion of KDE 4.0...would have been kinda nice parallele to increase the 11.1 number with the KDE 4.1 upgrade...

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RE: Updates Instead???
by Bill_Gates on Fri 7th Dec 2007 22:03 in reply to "Updates Instead???"
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It sounds like you should give Debian a try.

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RE: Updates Instead???
by cmost on Sun 9th Dec 2007 20:36 in reply to "Updates Instead???"
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I couldn't agree more! Some of these distros (openSUSE, Ubuntu, and name the major ones) release twice a year. That's too frequently in my opinion. It seems that I no sooner get my system tweaked to perfection then oops, I'm left with an obsolete system and everyone jumps to the latest release. It seems to me that packages could be backported to older releases more frequently and even new features. Why update the entire OS with such frequency?

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