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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Many people are looking to Ubuntu to be something that it is not: A mass market ready operating system designed to work with the same level of compatibility as Microsoft Windows. Where people get confused is in believing that if Ubuntu, king of the Linux distros, is not able to take the marketplace by storm, then something must be broken with desktop Linux. In this article, I'll explain what it will take to dethrone the mighty Ubuntu and gain a market share so large that it will eclipse anything seen by Ubuntu to date." More here.
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In any event, it might be acceptable to say "Did you even READ the HCL?" to someone else running Linux, but you can't do that to "average" desktop users.

"Average" desktop users don't install Linux themselves, they'll have Linux installed by someone who knows enough to check the HCL. At best, they'll try the Ubuntu LiveCD, and won't install it if something doesn't work - or they'll buy a PC with Linux pre-installed.

Remember that people don't usually install Windows - it's already on the PC they buy. So in order to be fair in comparing the desktop readiness of the two OSes, one has to compare them according to the same yardstick...

I'm sorry to hear about your ATI that it's part of AMD, they really seem to want to improve the driver situation. I'm curious, though, what method did you use to install the proprietary drivers? Do you remember what the error was? I've had some experience with ATI cards and chipsets, I might have been able to give you a hand - though in the end, you did the right thing and went for nVidia.

Is hardware support in Linux perfect? Of course not, though it does support much more hardware than, say, OS X. What can't be argued, however, is that hardware support has greatly improved over the last couple of years - but it seems the more it improves, the more people get picky...

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I think the hardware support has been better, but it still is bad enough to turn me off of Ubuntu... even though I really wish it would work.

Of course, I think the next Linux distro that dethrones everybody will be the one that really narrows its focus hardware-wise. This is happening with Zonbu, EeePC, Walmart Linux PC and all - a special distro that matches directly with the hardware, so there won't be any real configuration that needs to take place. It just works.

I could imagine that would sort of be the Apple-like approach. The Linux distro might support 3 motherboards, 3 video cards, one common wireless chipset, one sata chipset, etc, etc.. That way, they can seriously narrow down bugs and focus on delivering an integrated, smooth user experience. I would buy a machine like that.

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Well, you can just get a Dellbuntu, you're guaranteed that it'll work with the hardware.

How exactly has hardware support turned you off Ubuntu? I'm curious.

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