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Windows "Leading up to next week's public beta-test release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate, Microsoft today has published a 17-page document outlining in fine detail exactly what difference SP1 makes to Vista. Some of the contents has been shared in bits in the past, but this is so far the most comprehensive 'changelog' we've ever seen and probably will see as the final version is not expected to differ much from the RC, with the exception of WGA modifications."
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RE[3]: Beh
by GregM on Sun 9th Dec 2007 09:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Beh"
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The problem with vista's DRM is that it has forced 3rd party vendors to create more complicated hardware and more complex drivers that to this very hour still cause vista on my computer to hang. Sure, it's the 3rd party driver's fault, but it's also microsoft's fault for making the new driver requirements so onerous. I'd also like to note that when I disabled the DRM windows service, my computer's functionality was reduced and it complained that my copy of windows was pirated. I don't like it when my computer talks to me like that, especially after paying for it.

Here's a good link for anyone that is interested:
"A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection"

Of interest is the quote:
“Drivers must be extra-robust. [Vista's DRM] requires additional driver development to isolate and protect sensitive code paths” — ATI.

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RE[4]: Beh
by lemur2 on Sun 9th Dec 2007 11:49 in reply to "RE[3]: Beh"
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I don't like it when my computer talks to me like that, especially after paying for it.


Whose computer is it, anyway?

Do they really imagine people will put up with nonsense like that? (The worry to me is that it is beginning to seem, incredibly, that some people will. Oh dear, not good ... for them or for us).

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Gutmann's story? People still link to that?!!!
by linumax on Mon 10th Dec 2007 05:23 in reply to "RE[3]: Beh"
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Yes, a truly amazing and credible "research" by Gutmann!
From Wikipedia:

"Gutmann admittedly doesn't run Windows Vista and stated in his paper: "Can others confirm this? I don't run Vista yet, but if this is true then it would seem to disconfirm Microsoft's claims that the content protection doesn't interfere with playback and is only active when premium content is present". This statement has recently been removed from Gutmann's website but an older PDF version the paper with that statement can be found here: "

A huge part of Gutmann's work was basically a result of him googling forums for criticisms of Vista and then pasting them into his report.

If someone writes a criticism about technical aspects of Linux without ever installing and using it, I won't even bother reading such a rant. Same for any other OS.


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RE[4]: Beh
by MollyC on Mon 10th Dec 2007 05:59 in reply to "RE[3]: Beh"
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You're actually citing Gutmann? The guy is a total buffoon.

Here's an extensive 3-part article completely destroying Gutmann's FUD piece-by-piece.
*Everything you've read about Vista DRM is wrong*

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