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Games Addictive 3D games for Linux users to fill their time with. These games are really good and some have won awards or have been featured on magazines. Most are cross platform and all of them completely free. You don't have to use 'Wine' to be able to play as they come with Linux installers.
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by manjabes on Mon 10th Dec 2007 10:59 UTC
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TORCS only looks just-about-decent but playing it sucks big time. The level of realism is comparable to that of an excel macro which moves a box on the worksheet. Actually, forget I said "realism". Replace it with "the feeling that the bunch-of-pixels on the screen is an actual car". I myself recall it being achieved already in "Lotus challenge" on DOS 20 years ago. A slideshow of pretty pictures that evolves somewhat depending on the keys you press != a good driving game

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RE: torcs
by mart on Mon 10th Dec 2007 11:15 in reply to "torcs"
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uhm yaeh, but the lotus trilogy are among my favourite games of all times ;)
because fun != realism

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RE: torcs
by Soulbender on Mon 10th Dec 2007 11:17 in reply to "torcs"
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I myself recall it being achieved already in "Lotus challenge" on DOS 20 years ago

Lotus Challenge was an Amiga game. The PC couldnt really do anything graphically or aurally impressive in 1987, unless you count making your eyes bleed and driving you insane with bleepy noises.

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RE: torcs
by fignew on Mon 10th Dec 2007 21:28 in reply to "torcs"
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Agreed. TORCS is not very realistic. The first time I tried it (with a keyboard) I was disgusted. With a racing wheel & pedals it is 10x better. Still nowhere near to other racing sims like rFactor (The reason I have Windows installed on my desktop).

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