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KDE Some interesting tidbits concerning KDE 4. Firstly, there is a debate whether to close all bugs of KDE 3.x (or not) once 4.0 has been released; you can vote on a poll posing this question too. Secondly, some unscientific benchmarks show that KDE 4.0 from svn is less resource hungry than current KDE 3.x builds. Update: KDE 4.0 RC2 has been released.
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I don't think they should
by ZacharyM on Tue 11th Dec 2007 21:45 UTC
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I don't think that all the KDE 3.x bugs should be closed upon the release of KDE 4. For one, many distributions that strive on stability will be using KDE 3 for quite a while after the KDE 4 release, and these will be possibly vulnerable or buggy. If these bugs are not fixed we could have security problems. Another point would be, from what I gather the KDE team and much of the KDE community is saying that KDE 4.0 is just a release to get the major groundwork and technology for KDE 4 out there, and that that versions that users would more likely want to use will be release later on. This would leave a major gap.

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RE: I don't think they should
by leos on Tue 11th Dec 2007 22:35 in reply to "I don't think they should"
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Oh dear.. There is going to be a landslide of people freaking out because they are equating closing old bugs with ending support. It is NOT the same thing.

Get this through your head before flipping out.

- If a bug still applies, it will of course be re-opened.
- Closing bugs does not make an existing product less stable.
- KDE 3.5 is still being updated with bugfixes, and will be updated with security updates for a long time, just like every other KDE release.
- Closing bugs for housekeeping is not the same as EOL.
- Bugs are closed, not deleted. No information is lost.
- This is not being done for shits and giggles. The current bug database is becoming useless to developers because there is so much irrelevant stuff in it.

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