Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 12th Dec 2007 11:11 UTC
PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The crown jewel of Nokia right now is the E51 and sent us one over for a review. Some of you will be surprised by this comment as there are other and more powerful Nokia phones out there, but there's a reason for it. Read on to read it.
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by TrueDis on Wed 12th Dec 2007 18:27 UTC
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I can't say you came anywhere close to convincing me why this beats out the N95, N82, E90 or any of the others that could be considered Nokia's "crown jewel". Seriously a piss-poor review.

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RE: Seriously?
by HeLfReZ on Wed 12th Dec 2007 18:38 in reply to "Seriously?"
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One place in particular IMHO where it beats those devices is size. This guy is almost the exact same size of a blackberry pearl or like a motorola SLVR...none of the other phones have the same pocketability. Outside of the resolution and keyboard, it is basically the exactly a shrunken E90 feature wise...I think features+size is the key difference. Only thing it's really missing is GPS, but cramming wifi into a device this size if feat enough in itself lol.

Don't mean to sound like a salesman, I am just looking for the same constructive criticisms, because I have been seriously considering picking up one of these puppies.

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RE: Seriously?
by Eugenia on Wed 12th Dec 2007 20:04 in reply to "Seriously?"
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This device is expected to come down to $300 in less than a month. Compared to $600-700 N-series devices, this *business* device does the job VERY well. VoIP is its STRONGEST feature. If you want a VoIP phone, that's the one to get. It performs on that much better than ANY N-series device.

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RE[2]: Seriously?
by TrueDis on Sun 16th Dec 2007 03:38 in reply to "RE: Seriously?"
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Fair enough, Eugenia, but that still doesn't explain why it's their "crown jewel." It's marketed far less than any of those that I mentioned.

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