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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Many people are looking to Ubuntu to be something that it is not: A mass market ready operating system designed to work with the same level of compatibility as Microsoft Windows. Where people get confused is in believing that if Ubuntu, king of the Linux distros, is not able to take the marketplace by storm, then something must be broken with desktop Linux. In this article, I'll explain what it will take to dethrone the mighty Ubuntu and gain a market share so large that it will eclipse anything seen by Ubuntu to date." More here.
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RE[2]: Linux on the Desktop
by unoengborg on Wed 12th Dec 2007 19:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux on the Desktop"
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If you take a person who never used a computer, it doesnt' make any difference if you install Windows XP or Ubuntu on his machine

Yes, and this is basically the problem. The user who installs Windows will have access to more software in niche areas, e.g. accounting, tax calculation, CAD,...

He will also have a much better chance that that el cheepo piece of hardware he picked up at his gas station will work without any problems.

It may be true that there are more programs available for Linux, and that Linux have a broader hardware support, but that doesn't matter when the user still have to check on the internet if a certain hardware will work or not, or he can't find sofware that covers his special needs it doesn't matter how many mp3 players there are for Linux.

This network effect makes Windows a winner if everthing else is alike. To win Linux must be significantly better or easier to use. When that happens, it will get a large enough network of its own.

Today people are quite satisfied with windows XP, even Microsoft suffers from this by having very slow sales of Vista. So, another way for Linux to win over windows would be to create or solve new needs of the user.

Linux is ready for the consumer Desktop and have been that for a long time, the problem is that the consumer is not ready for Linux.

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