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Benchmarks A lot was said lately about the Vorbis/Theora vs h.264/AAC situation on the draft of the HTML5. As some of you know, video is my main hobby these days (I care not about operating systems anymore), so I have gain some experience on the field lately, and at the same time this has made me more demanding about video quality. Read on for a head to head test: OGG Theora/Vorbis vs MP4 h.264/AAC. Yup, with videos. And pictures.
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by dizzey on Thu 13th Dec 2007 01:22 UTC
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Ofcourse quality matters but you can have all the quality
in the world and it wont do you any good if you cant play the file.

streaming wma is crapp on osX and streamin quicktime is crap in windows.

there is a reason why flash is widley used today and it is not becus of the good quality it provides to it's viewers. it is becus it works.

If ogg was accepted and free to implement with out royalties. both apple and microsoft and all phone providers would implement it to follow html5 (maby not all but most)

then we would have somthing better than flash (for streaming video) and people trying out other operating systems would not be
so botherd with non working media.

It's not like h264 and other codecs just will disapear. content providers will be able to chose if they wish to pay royalties to be able to stream in better quality or be able to stream for free.

and quality is not always all that hell most people wont se the difference betwen 480p and 1080p on a 42"
tv from a distance of 2meters.

And bandwith is not that big of a problem atleast not where i live, among my friends i have the slowest since i only have 10mbit

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