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Linux It seems that each distribution has found a niche: Red Hat and Ubuntu are the leaders in their markets, and SUSE is a comfortable runner-up. However, history has shown us that businesses are not content to stay still too long or play second fiddle. So, what will Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu have to do in the new year to gain new ground?
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RE[4]: Now
by agentj on Sat 15th Dec 2007 10:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Now"
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So why people want to push linux everywhere e.g. on computers for ordinary users ? It's better to pay MS and get everything working that receive "HOW F- DARE YOU DEMAND SOMETHING?" for free crap.

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RE[5]: Now
by bert64 on Sat 15th Dec 2007 12:54 in reply to "RE[4]: Now"
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Because linux provides choice, MS tries to take that choice away from the users by making their offering as proprietary and incompatible with everything else as possible.
I and many other people would gladly pay for convenience, if that convenience didn't mean we were tied to a single vendor. And in that respect, i think Apple are a better choice than MS. They are closer to being open/standard, and their systems are more integrated and working right off the bat. MS is the worst of both worlds, lacks the flexibility/transparency of linux, and lacks the integration and "just works" of Apple.

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RE[5]: Now
by Almindor on Sat 15th Dec 2007 13:28 in reply to "RE[4]: Now"
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Push? Who pushed linux on you? Last time I checked 80% of laptops pushed windows on me, not linux...

You CHOSE linux, don't try to pretend it was forced on you.

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