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"cleanse" for Portage/Paludis?
by da_Chicken on Sun 16th Dec 2007 10:57 UTC
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I have never used Gentoo but, instead, I've found Source Mage GNU/Linux to be a mighty fine source-based distro. SMGL uses a package manager called "Sorcery" and it has a nifty feature called "cleanse".

In SMGL you type "cleanse" and then it runs several checks on your system -- I recall someone describing "cleanse" as the "fsck for installed packages". ;-) It cleans the package caches and install logs and it checks that dependencies for all the installed packages are satisfied. Then it inspects all the installed packages for any missing or modified files/symlinks and it also checks that there aren't any needed libraries missing.

If "cleanse" finds any problems, the Sorcery package manager reinstalls the troublesome package(s) and then "cleanse" checks them again. Most of the time this fixes things but if the problem persists after the reinstall, then "cleanse" just tells that the package in question is "hopelessly broken".

So, my question to any Gentoo gurus out there is if this "cleanse" is specific to SMGL & Sorcery or if Portage or Paludis might have something similar?

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The closest thing is probably revdep-rebuild.
It checks if any packages are broken due to missing or changed libs.

emerge takes care of package dependencies pretty much automatically so you should not really need a separate tool to check if something is missing.
If you happen to uninstall a package that is needed by something else then revdep-rebuild would tell you and the next "emerge world" would pull that package in again as well.

That's what I can think of right now but there are probably different ways to do this.

EDIT: But I don't think there is anything that checks if the installed files are really still there, except for libs.

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And for Paludis users, reconcilio is the revdep-rebuild equivalent ;)

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To me it sounds like a combination of revdep-rebuild and emerge --pretend depclean (don't ever forget --pretend).

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