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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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this guy and gentoo
by xmv_ on Sun 16th Dec 2007 13:35 UTC
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Maybe the author failed to point out that Ciaran has been kicked from Gentoo, because he constantly bring up flamewars and _hate_. As you can read in this (biased) "interview", the thing that comes up most of the time is "other sucks!". Some kind of people admire that and want to follow him, for some reason.

He has good ideas and stuff, but due to his ego and communication problems it isn't going far. And by the way, by good idea, I mean only "good ideas". Nothing revolutionary or truly world-changing here.

I'd rather keep the current ebuild layout we have right now and fix portage issues than redo the whole thing with some confusing new names.

I am doing debian as well as gentoo packages and up to now (including the whole gcc-based toolchain), I can tell you, gentoo packages are such a joy in comparison. They're simple, they just work. I wouldn't want to change that.

Finally, what drive people away from gentoo is usually that:
- compilation takes time
- configuring everything everytime is nice but after a while most people like to have everything preset (like ubuntu), me included

What keep people on gentoo:
- its simple and works
- you can tinker with packages so easily
- very customizable and flexible in its package management
- you can build your "own distro" without it being as sparse as LFS.

I run gentoo on my servers since 2003 and I'm still happier with that than any other distro. I run Ubuntu on my desktop.

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RE: this guy and gentoo
by de_wizze on Mon 17th Dec 2007 02:39 in reply to "this guy and gentoo"
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Don't forget another reason some people left was quality assurance and stability. Its not an enjoyable feeling having to hope and pray that an emerge -u world would not break your system. Another point being that with most of the current stable releases of apps were frequently masked in portage (I'm sure those weren't you're packages) a stable system was not all that up to date.

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RE[2]: this guy and gentoo
by siride on Mon 17th Dec 2007 03:08 in reply to "RE: this guy and gentoo"
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Tell me about it. You pretty much can't do an emerge world anymore without having to manually inspect what it's going to install. I haven't upgraded to expat-2.0 yet because I just don't have the time or the patience to spend hours or more with an otherwise broken system trying to make it through the upgrade. Also, the new Xorg stuff is broken and still isn't fixed, so I'm stuck on 7.1. It works fine in Fedora. Broken in Gentoo. Can't get GIT to build. And much more crap like that. It's a maintenance nightmare.

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