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OpenBSD Richard Stallman sent a message to OpenBSD-Misc, explaining why he doesn't recommend OpenBSD. "From what I have heard, OpenBSD does not contain non-free software (though I am not sure whether it contains any non-free firmware blobs). However, its ports system does suggest non-free programs, or at least so I was told when I looked for some BSD variant that I could recommend. I therefore exercise my freedom of speech by not including OpenBSD in the list of systems that I recommend to the public." His mail started a huge thread (that's just page 1) and since then he's under a blast of messages from Theo de Raadt and the OpenBSD users. De Raadt replied: "Richard, you are wrong. You said very clearly in your interview that the ports tree contains non-free software. It does not. It is just a scaffold of Makefiles containing URLs, and an occasional patch here or there. You are just plain wrong. And you are not enough of a man to admit that you are wrong. I may be unfriendly at times, but you are a power-misusing hypocritical liar who attacks projects that try harder than any others to only make free software available. Shame on you."
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Which Linux is on the list?
by saterdaies on Mon 17th Dec 2007 17:26 UTC
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And what Linux distribution stacks up to his standard?

Ubuntu and Debian both include binary-only drivers. I've been told that RedHat/Fedora does as well. Novell/SUSE is in bed with Microsoft which is above and beyond binary drivers. Right there we've eliminated the main Linux players.

It's great that he (Stallman) has ideals, but he seems to apply his ideals only when they'll create a great flamewar. Were messages sent out over Linux mailing lists about binary modules? No? Shocking that he's only picking on BSD!

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RE: Which Linux is on the list?
by AdamW on Mon 17th Dec 2007 17:41 in reply to "Which Linux is on the list?"
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"And what Linux distribution stacks up to his standard?"

Why not just go and look? it's not hard. Two links from the FSF home page.

Recommends gNewSense, Ututo, Dynebolic, Musix, BLAG and GNUstep.

Would've been much easier for you to do that than to blow off a load of hot air.

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RE: Which Linux is on the list?
by ralph on Mon 17th Dec 2007 17:43 in reply to "Which Linux is on the list?"
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Well, Stallman made it quite clear that he also doesn't recommend distros like Ubuntu and if you really think he hasn't raised this point on various linux mailing-lists, you haven't been around to long, have you?

Anyway, I don't know which interview De Raadt is referring to, but Stallman is quite clear about what he means:
I'm not
a supporter of open source anyway; I fight for free software.

Ututo and gNewSense have the policy not to include non-free programs,
not even in a ports system. Thus, they don't do anything that
contradicts the philosophy of free software. That's why I can
recommend them.

But what really made my day was this little gem:
Why don't you ask Theo, whom you once praised, about OpenBSD?

Because he tends to be unfriendly.

Sums up De Raat nicely. ;-D

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google_ninja Member since:

Why don't you ask Theo, whom you once praised, about OpenBSD?

Because he tends to be unfriendly.

Sums up De Raat nicely. ;-D

I love this whole thing. RMS is such a zealotous, superior, self-rightous, spiteful dickhead, and de Raat is such an egotistical, arrogant, psychopathic maniac. It the programmer equivalent of locking Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore together in a room, and then sitting back and enjoying the show.

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