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Legal Opera, based in Norway, announced Thursday that it had filed an antitrust complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by bundling IE with the Windows operating system. Opera also claimed that Microsoft is hindering interoperability by not following accepted open Web standards. Microsoft struck back Friday, indicating that it would not willingly unbundle IE from Windows. "We believe the inclusion of the browser into the operating system benefits consumers, and that consumers and PC manufacturers are already free to choose to use any browsers they wish," a Microsoft representative said. "Internet Explorer has been an integral part of the Windows operating system for over a decade and supports a wide range of Web standards."
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MS Is Joking, Right..?!
by mlauzon on Tue 18th Dec 2007 13:12 UTC
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We believe the inclusion of the browser into the operating system benefits consumers....

I really hope their joking, because that statement is just not the case, I get no benefits from it being part of was better when it was a separate entity.

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RE: MS Is Joking, Right..?!
by hollovoid on Tue 18th Dec 2007 13:38 in reply to "MS Is Joking, Right..?!"
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You get no benefits from it being included, which means nobody benefits from it being included. like it or not, IE does things better for some people. And on my systems, it has quite a bit more stability than Firefox, Opera, or Safari. In fact in the 9 months since ive used ie7 in windows, it hasent crashed once... I cant say that for firefox or opera in windows or linux.
as for the other arguments people are giving...
I would agree that IE would be better as a removable product, but all this talk about non inclusion all together, or using lynx? get real, MOST people would have no clue what to do if the browser was just not there, and would flood the support lines asking wtf is up! Microsoft's Operating systems are used by the extremely computer illiterate, and THAT is why it will be included, the arguments of "I can choose in linux!" dont even apply, because people who run linux usually are competent enough to change thier browser, where as the people who arent, wouldent even know the alternative exists even if the icon was in the start menu.

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