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In the News Apple and Linux are engaged in battle a battle to win over disgruntled Windows users. But who will win, and what will the consequences be for the loser? The most commonly held belief amongst Apple and Linux fanboys is that both factions are engaged in some kind of a war with Microsoft. The truth is that if you look at the market share figure for Windows, Mac and Linux, both Mac OS and all the Linux distros that have ever been released are dwarfed by Windows.
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Fair point. I guess the only reason I would know this is because I went looking for it.

Out of curiosity what commands did you execute to reset the password in the console if you didn't have root access? Does the console at boot automatically grant you root access?

PS: lol, I remember that ol bomb icon. Every mac users greatest fear back in the day. Half the time hitting restart had no effect.

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Here is what I did to reset my friend's OSX admin password:

1. boot (or re-boot) the computer and hold down the command ("apple") key and the "s" key.
2. wait for the console prompt
3. release keys
4. type (without the quotes): "/sbin/mount -uaw"
5. press enter
6. type (without the quotes): "rm /var/db/.applesetupdone"
7. press enter
8. type (without the quotes): "reboot"
9. press enter

During this second reboot, the OSX new-user wizard walks one through the process of creating a new admin account. Then, as the new admin user, one can go into the OSX user-management application and reset passwords for every user.

I must confess that the step of creating a new admin user generated a lot of anxiety in me, because the wizard asks for a lot of personal info for Apple registration. One cannot skip these pages and is forced through them. I guess those who have sipped enough of the proprietary software koolade are unfazed by this insidious mechanism of keeping tabs on users. As an open source veteran, I found it disturbing -- we are never required (nor asked) to register ANYTHING.

There are variations on the above commands, but that is the process I used.

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Many thanks for the detailed reply.

Being a regular koolade drinker, registering doesn't bother me but it is possible to skip the process. If I remember correctly, you just make sure you have no network connection when it asks you for the data. After the wizard fails to connect to apple it will allow you to continue and a registration file gets created in the home folder so that you can send your data after you setup a network connection. you just trash that file (or never open it).

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