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BeOS & Derivatives "It looks like the Haiku Webkit port initiated by Ryan Leavengood has entered a productive second stage of development, and thanks to the recent work by one of the new project team members, Andrea 'xeD' Anzani, tangible progress has been made as shown by the recent screenshot showing the HaikuLauncher application rendering I was curious about his work, so I went directly to the source and asked a few questions to Andrea; here are his answers." On a related note, Haiku now has a new nightly build archive.
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RE: Is it snowing?
by rhyder on Mon 24th Dec 2007 23:32 UTC in reply to "Is it snowing?"
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Sent the processor to 100% and made the machine unresponsive on Konqueror.

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RE[2]: Is it snowing?
by Haicube on Wed 26th Dec 2007 16:13 in reply to "RE: Is it snowing?"
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Sidenote: That's funny. I keep hearing how platforms utilizing Konqueror for instance has been ready for the desktop for years, and now I hear that rendering a normal website is a problem. Wow, that's amazing!

Gee, guess 2k8 will also be a year of the rumours of "being ready"....

Mainnote: It's great seeing options and improvements happening all over the place in the Haiku world. I personally would've hoped to see Alpha R1 before Christmas, but that didn't happen. Anyway, you can't have it all, and concluding that it won't happen in 2k7, I'm more sure than ever that Haiku will start pondering Alphas under 2k8. Meaning basically, it'll be the year where a real Win/Osx alternative was born, even though it will take plenty of more years for maturity!

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