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OSNews, Generic OSes From the OSNews team, we'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas (it's Christmas Eve in my country already), or a happy whatever other holiday you might celebrate; it so happens that Hanukkah and Eid ul-Adha have already passed, so my best wishes are in retrospect if you practice the Jewish or Muslim religion. These matters are always like tight-rope walking on the internet, but I'd like to say one thing: please, emphasize not our differences, but celebrate our similarities. And yes, even if you are not religious (like myself), I'd still like to wish you very happy holidays. Enjoy the food, but realise this.
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by chmeee on Wed 26th Dec 2007 15:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: US Slant ..."
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"Christmas" is a Christian holiday derived from the German tribes, and other tribes, tradition of the celebration of the winter solstice. Many of the traditions -- dragging a tree into the house, lighting it, a giant feast, are all from those "pagan" traditions. The religious component is the part that makes it Christmas. Everything else is a celebration of Winter and the solstice, nothing more, nothing less. Even though I'm not a practicing christian, I still say "Merry Christmas", even my *** friend says "Marry Christmas", simply because that's what December 25 is -- Christmas Day. Not "Festivus day", "Holidays Day", or "Seasons Greetings Day", it's "Christmas Day". Anyone who gets their panties in a knot over that just wants to start something.

So I end this rant with a belated "Merry Christmas to all" -- to all the jews, muslims, christians, hindus, buddhists, everybody. Now go hug your husband, kiss your wife, tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, that you love them, and thank $DEITY that you're around for another winter. That's what the real meaning of Christmas is.

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