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Graphics, User Interfaces "It's hateful when a developer takes a 'shortcut' that saves that individual a couple of minutes, but thereafter causes extra effort from every single user. Awful as they are, these application design errors - all the fault of lazy developers - are entirely too common."
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Usability problems with the article
by blixel on Thu 27th Dec 2007 09:46 UTC
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Every user that goes to the article has to waste time or energy by either viewing a full page advertisement, or clicking the "Skip Ad" button in the upper right.

The article chops a sentence in half between the first and second page of the article. So you have to pause your thinking, click "Next Page", wait for the page to load, and then finish the sentence.

The article is 3 pages long, although the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom indicate it's 2 pages long.

(Yes - these 3 points were made in the comments section of that article. But I independently came to the same conclusion before reading the comments.)

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Most of IDG's websites are b0rken. This is due to the obscure home-brewed CMS many IDG business units have to use. Also, the common IDG web server is ridden with security issues and some units' sites are hacked on a weekly base. It's really sad.

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Sounds juicy, but it isn't true.

IDG sites -- and for example -- run on industry standard Interwoven. The Advice & Opinion section, where this blog post is found, run on the open source Drupal. And most of the site UI objections (such as the blog post being chopped off midstream, or showing only the first "page 2" (even if there are more pages) are the default Drupal behavior.

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