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Multimedia, AV A few weeks ago I published an editorial on the new school of videographers that has recently started to emerge as profoundly as digital art photography did a few years ago. (OS) News are slow during holiday seasons, so I thought I put together an article with a small collection of some of the best examples of amateur cinematography for your viewing pleasure, as found on the popular with the movement site, Leave a comment with what you think of these clips, or even download them in order to watch them in full HD quality through your AppleTV, XboX360 or PS3.
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by baderman on Thu 27th Dec 2007 19:20 UTC
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Maybe someone will tell me, what does it have in common with Operating Systems, which I think, still are the main topic of this vortal. Or, maybe I'm wrong, and someone (probably Mrs ELQ) will tell me, that's not the place it used to be?

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RE: Again?
by JrezIN on Thu 27th Dec 2007 20:41 in reply to "Again?"
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that's not the place it used to be?

I'm not sure what site you've been visiting, but this subject was covered MULTIPLE times... OSNews is NOT an os-related ONLY website. Everything that is remotely related can, and is, covered here.

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RE[2]: Again?
by baderman on Thu 27th Dec 2007 20:57 in reply to "RE: Again?"
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Remotely? You can prove that everything is directly or indirectly related to OSes topic, but is it really? Don't let propaganda fool You.

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RE: Again?
by utopia on Fri 28th Dec 2007 08:20 in reply to "Again?"
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Beware baderman, there's a TOTALITARIAN clause(VIII) in the TERMS for posting comments :

It is not your job to tell us what should and should not be posted on OSNews. Hence, any comment along the lines of "Why is this OSNews?" will immediately be moderated down and locked from any further moderation. No questions asked.

Foresee your comment to be moderated down soon...

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