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General Development Valgrind is a tool that helps you find memory management problems in Linux programs. From the 3.3.0 log: Helgrind works again with improved race detection and better error messages. Massif generates better output. Cachegrind has been extended to do branch-misprediction profiling. Both conditional and indirect branches are profiled. Scalability has been improved for very large programs, particularly those with a million or more malloc'd blocks in use at once. These improvements mostly affect Memcheck, which is also up to 10% faster for all programs, with x86 Linux seeing the largest improvement. The documentation has been reorganized. Experimental tools have been added, and more.
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RE[3]: Wonderful tool
by hsaliak on Fri 28th Dec 2007 07:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Wonderful tool"
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Unfortunately, at this point the netbsd port is still on hold.
Time is very scarce for me at this point to continue this and its unfair to claim that work is happening when it isnt.
The freebsd port is very old (2.X). Valgrind's internals have been greatly overhauled since then. The NetBSD port tracks the 3.x branch but is stagnanting. However for simple programs the netbsd port is in a usable state. The basic framework is in place but a lot of "wrappers" to syscalls need to be written due to the way Valgrind works..

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