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Windows Users who install Windows XP Service Pack 3 will not be required to enter Microsoft's product activation key before they use the operating system, according to a Microsoft white paper. Instead they will get a 30-day period of grace - the same as users of Windows Vista - after which they will have to enter the key to prove that the product is genuine. Problems can occur if a user legally obtains the software and, for some reason, a problem occurs with validation. By allowing a 30-day period, users have a chance to get the problem fixed while they are using the software.
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Joe User
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When Windows XP reaches end of life, ReactOS 1.0 Final will be released.

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islander Member since:

As much hope as I have for ReactOs ..lets hope it doesn't become the emperor's new clothes.

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elsewhere Member since:

When Windows XP reaches end of life, ReactOS 1.0 Final will be released.

And bundled with a copy of Duke Nukem Forever, as well.

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stestagg Member since:

Did you see the Duke Nukem Forever trailer that was released last month?

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betam4x Member since:

Actually, ReactOS is pretty much dead. Most of the core devs have left, and the ones that remain know very little about system level programming and even less about win32 internals.

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bornagainenguin Member since:


When did this happen and why hasn't there been an article about it on OSNews?


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