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In the News From all of us at OSNews, we'd like to wish you a happy and healthy new year. In honor of the new year, we'd like to ask you: what headlines do you expect to read in the tech world in 2008? Are you expecting iPhone rev2? Or maybe Vista SP1's success? Perhaps Hardy Heron's world domination? Will Google's Android swallow the cellphone market? Can Facebook continue to rule the roost in social networking? Tell us what you expect in the comments!
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by yoursecretninja on Tue 1st Jan 2008 17:24 UTC
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My bold predictions for '08:

Ubuntu is synonymous with Linux; not that it matters, because it is the year of eComStation on the desktop!

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by FreeGamer on Tue 1st Jan 2008 20:05 in reply to "or"
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Ubuntu made a bit of a mess of Gutsy. Fedora 8 is much better than Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Another similar release for both projects will probably see Fedora becomes synonymous with Linux and Ubuntu start to decline. (However I think the next release of Ubuntu will be awesome.)

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by rockwell on Wed 2nd Jan 2008 15:29 in reply to "RE: or"
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Fedora 8 is much better than Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.

Not on my Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. Gutsy installed flawlessly, found all drivers, wifi, everything.

FC8 took five times as long to configure, and it still wigs out whenever I use the trackpad ... which is, like, all the time on a laptop.

As always with Linux ... YMMV. That's one reason why Windows still leads on the desktop ... it pretty much behaves the same (for good or ill) on all hardware.

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by DigitalAxis on Sun 6th Jan 2008 17:49 in reply to "RE: or"
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I notice that the general opinion on these boards is that each Ubuntu release is worse than the last... I can't help but wonder if it's because they keep breaking something new and different with each release, and nobody bothers to show up and say "hey, hooray! They fixed {ndiswrapper}"

Anyway, I predict that this trend will continue with Ubuntu 8.04, and far into the future all the way to Ubuntu Pancreatic Puma...

Other predictions: Linux shows up on a lot more low-cost low-margin electronics like the Asus EeePC and the Classmate PC, and Motorola's latest smartphones. (and maybe Android) The REAL story will be if/when we start to see some consensus on which embedded Linux version to use. Right now it seems like everyone is writing their own.

KDE4.0 will be released; several people will immediately start panning it for being incredibly unfinished and broken and whine about how Gnome is still better. KDE 4.0 will have an amazingly quick succession of point releases. KDE 4.1 may come out before year's end.

Some entity involved in Linux or FOSS will file a legal challenge to Microsoft about "Put up or shut up". Microsoft will effectively ignore them, but use the legal action as further evidence that Linux DOES infringe on their patents, and are running scared.

Drivers for Vista will finally catch up sufficiently that people will start to shut up about it. On the other hand, we won't see anything further of MinWin/Windows 7 until it's been given the marketing-inspired treatment of features and odd design decisions, and a new name like "Windows Ascendence"

Apple will release a new iPhone, an iPhone keyboard attachment accessory, an iTablet, and a new sub-10" laptop for people who detest laptops larger than the palm of their hand (at a price that will make their wallets lighter, of course)

Cowon will announce the X7 DAP (replacement to their X5) at CES which will be too low-capacity, too big, still not support Vorbis tags properly, and won't actually ship in the US until just around Christmas. I figure this one is inevitable since I broke down and bought an Insignia Pilot MP3 player after Christmas this year.

T-Mobile USA will finally get 3G service, but within a month will suffer a major problem that makes everyone laugh at them even harder. They still won't have any S60 smartphones, and will continue to insist on 1.3 megapixel cameras.

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