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KDE KDE's Aaron Seigo (who owes me a Martini) wrote about a few often-heard misconceptions and questions regarding KDE 4.0, which is supposed to be released January 11th. "Now that 4.0.0 is tagged and out and that bit of worry and concern is behind me for the moment, I wanted to take a moment to talk really bluntly about 4.0. In particular, I'm going to address some of the common memes in fairly random order that I see about kde 3.5 and 4.0. I'm going to speak bluntly (though not rudely) so prepare yourself."
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KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
by halfmanhalfamazing on Fri 4th Jan 2008 21:06 UTC
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Performance and speed!!!

That's all I got to say :-)

Well no, one more thing

Less memory usage!!!!!

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RE: KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
by GeneralZod on Fri 4th Jan 2008 21:44 in reply to "KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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This was actually one of the topics brought up in aseigo's TLLTS interview, which I highly recommend to people who want the 411 on KDE4.0 and the plans for the KDE4 series:

Aaron's answer was disarmingly honest. Basically, if you hear claims of "KDE4 is 30-40% lighter/ faster than KDE3!!", take them with a pinch of salt: benchmarking is a surprisingly difficult and intricate business, and blanket claims like this (faster how? Faster in every conceivable way? What if KDE4 "does more" than KDE3 but takes slightly more time to do it - can it be called "faster" then?) are really quite naive.

Qt4's memory usage is a good example of this, which he brought up: most of Qt4 operations/ structures do indeed take up less memory than their Qt3 counterparts due to the extensive optimisation carried out by Trolltech - however, Qt4 also double-buffers all widgets, which takes up a fair amount of pixmap memory but also basically eliminates tearing, shearing and artifacting. Is Qt4 more or less memory hungry than Qt3 in this instance? In some ways yes, in some ways no, and in some ways it's apples-to-oranges, as Qt4 is doing a better job.

So don't believe all the performance claims that you hear - good or bad ;)


We can at least be assured that even with an unoptimised 4.0.0, performance and memory usage aren't completely diabolically awful, though ;)

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RE[2]: KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
by halfmanhalfamazing on Fri 4th Jan 2008 22:39 in reply to "RE: KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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------------and blanket claims like this (faster how? Faster in every conceivable way? What if KDE4 "does more" than KDE3 but takes slightly more time to do it - can it be called "faster" then?) are really quite naive.------------

Faster how, I'm talking in terms of daily usage. Opening applications, windows, and such. Does it "feel" faster? Does it feel like it's in your way, or feel more permissive and smooth?(and yes, I know that's pretty subjective)

Actually, your own link is pretty indicitive of what I'm taking to mind. (KDE devel)

==========KDE 4 is going to be a serious contender for a high-performance, good looking interface on low resource machines like the Eee PC, and I can't wait to try it out on one.==============

Now mind you, I don't look at 3.5 as slouchy, slow, software. I like it, a lot. But 4 seems to be more slick and slippery from everything I'm reading, in all corners. 30-40%? I never believed the claims there. But all things considered, there seems to be universal agreement on it being fsaster.

And as far as memory usage:

I don't expect those numbers either, I expect the completed product to naturally use more. But this is worth noting:

======The old version(3.5) needed 348MB to work comfortably while the new one(4.0) sail through the same tests using only 228MB.========

My expectation is high 2xx. More features naturally and obviously means greater usage. But going from mid 3's to high 2's is a great accomplishment and well worth looking forward to in my book.

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RE: KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FunkyELF on Mon 7th Jan 2008 17:41 in reply to "KDE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Less memory usage!!!!!

I hear that is heavily debated since it is theoretically impossible to see how much memory is being used without using a patched kernel and even then its not exact.

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