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KDE KDE's Aaron Seigo (who owes me a Martini) wrote about a few often-heard misconceptions and questions regarding KDE 4.0, which is supposed to be released January 11th. "Now that 4.0.0 is tagged and out and that bit of worry and concern is behind me for the moment, I wanted to take a moment to talk really bluntly about 4.0. In particular, I'm going to address some of the common memes in fairly random order that I see about kde 3.5 and 4.0. I'm going to speak bluntly (though not rudely) so prepare yourself."
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by RIchard James13 on Fri 4th Jan 2008 22:28 UTC in reply to "..."
RIchard James13
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He would rather blame users for their misconceptions than accept that not everyone sees the KDE 4 project in the same way he does. At least that is the way he treated me. I don't think however we should equate KDE with aseigo he is just one developer on the project, there are many others. He is just more vocal and the head developer of the cool but IMO useless plasma technology, so more people listen to him.

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by Hiev on Fri 4th Jan 2008 22:33 in reply to "RE: ..."
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by andrewg on Fri 4th Jan 2008 22:38 in reply to "RE: ..."
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Did you realise he is the President of KDE e.V?

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by Hiev on Fri 4th Jan 2008 22:41 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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by tyrione on Sat 5th Jan 2008 01:53 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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Create your own entity and proclaim yourself Chairman. BFD.

As they love to proclaim, they are a bunch of code heads that aren't a proprietary company.

Great! Now be professionals and surpass the professionalism [or lack thereof] of these proprietary companies and produce engineering results that meet or surpass these proprietary companies.

I've rarely met arrogant Mechanical Engineers proclaiming superiority over their peers, but in the field of Computer Science [my second degree] I see a bunch of hacks running around with an inkling of talent and one special project proclaiming to being Experts.

Give me professionals any damn day of the week and just produce quality work.

The same goes for GNOME.

It's unfortunate the GNUstep project hasn't advanced in user base/app base as GNOME/KDE. The developers in that project are extremely talented, seasoned and professional by comparison.

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by aseigo on Sat 5th Jan 2008 01:24 in reply to "RE: ..."
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"He would rather blame users for their misconceptions than accept that not everyone sees the KDE 4 project in the same way he does."

the missing piece here is that these misconceptions are .. misconceptions. they simply aren't correct, and i don't think anyone is beholden to accept things that are manifestly wrong. you are free to continue to hold your misconceptions for as long as you wish, there's not much anyone can do about that. but don't expect me to buy into them just because you do.

"At least that is the way he treated me."

i'll admit this: i got very, very tired of the horrific attitudes some people showed in the last year. as a perceived leader i probably should have just ignored these insults, instead i replied with my own, at times emotion laden, thoughts. that was a failing on my part.

i'm sorry if i offended you.

if it's any consolation, you and people like you have offended me repeatedly over the past year for no good reason after receiving the fruits of our work for years.

"I don't think however we should equate KDE with aseigo he is just one developer on the project, there are many others."

yep, that's quite true.

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by RIchard James13 on Sat 5th Jan 2008 05:36 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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by alcibiades on Sat 5th Jan 2008 06:51 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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We should take the opportunity given by his participation to thank Aaron. It was an interesting set of comments, clear, frank and to the point. I've usually personally preferred the style of Gnome but have installed KDE for people who prefer it. Its a superb package. And there is no equivalent of some of the KDE apps. The nice thing about the remarks was that they showed a clear vision as well as being interesting and informative in detail.

The other thing of course is, we should be thanking the whole team of people. We users of this stuff do not need to be uncritical, but some of us should be a bit more gracious. KDE (like Gnome) is a massive undertaking from which we're all getting an enormous amount. On a couple of occasions I've had to contact KDE people, and the response was always rapid and most helpful. When I told the client that the support we were getting was free and for a totally free package, jaws dropped.

So Aaron, nil carborundum! And thanks to you and everyone else at KDE.

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