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KDE KDE's Aaron Seigo (who owes me a Martini) wrote about a few often-heard misconceptions and questions regarding KDE 4.0, which is supposed to be released January 11th. "Now that 4.0.0 is tagged and out and that bit of worry and concern is behind me for the moment, I wanted to take a moment to talk really bluntly about 4.0. In particular, I'm going to address some of the common memes in fairly random order that I see about kde 3.5 and 4.0. I'm going to speak bluntly (though not rudely) so prepare yourself."
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by RIchard James13 on Sat 5th Jan 2008 05:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
RIchard James13
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I never treated you harshly you but you always insult me. This has nothing to do with KDE it is about my perception of the way you act. If you continue to insult me and ignore the fact that I have a right to my own opinion which may differ from yours. The opinion about the new K menu. Then I will continue to see you in the same ranks as other not nice people. Of course you can feel free to disregard my opinion of you but remember that many people will judge you based on the way you treat others.

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by superstoned on Sat 5th Jan 2008 15:00 in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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Well, you still don't think something like "IMHO, Plasma is all hype and very little substance." is not a nice thing to say, so how can you see any of the things Aaron said to you as insults? Or do the standards differ between you and the rest of the world?

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