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Multimedia, AV While this might be a bold statement, all things point to this. Blu-Ray was already winning in market share slowly but surely, and today's Warner decision to go BD-only puts the final nails into this HD format war as Warner is the biggest movie distributor. The HD-DVD Group didn't seem to know about Warner's decision and they canceled their CES conference out of the blu tonight, amidst making vague references to possible legal action. My take: I wish Blu-Ray had a region-free policy like HD-DVD does. Living in USA today but one day moving to Europe, it will have an impact in my media library.
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A war that no one understands
by siraf72 on Sat 5th Jan 2008 09:03 UTC
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Apart from the type of people that frequent this site. Most people don't know and don't care about this whole blue ray / HD DVD kurfuffle.

I read somewhere (probably on el reg) that one of the most returned items of 2007 by consumers was HD TV's. The reason was most people expected the amazing quality the salesperson told them about and then when they got home the quality was worse. They go back to the shop to ask why. Sales person says "aah, but you need to buy a new disc player (we have two types....), you need to subscribe to HD broadcasts (we have a good package for you...)". Customer thinks "screw this, take the damn thing back".

I'm gonna wait this one out for a couple of years methinks. Maybe my eyes aren't as good as they were but DVDs look pretty good to me.

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This is a classical example of battling over nothing.

The battle seems to be BlueRay vs HD DVD right? It's actually fixed medium vs the Internet.

While I was skeptical of Internet TV and content from the Internet I am not anymore. I just subscribed to CNBC Plus and have to say it is impressive. Yes quality leaves to be desired, but I actually have content everywhere and I can call it up however I desire.

And I was reading it from somewhere else (slashdot?) Look at what the Porn industry is doing. They are going Internet whole hog...

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