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BeOS & Derivatives According to a news post on the Haiku project website, a new port team is being formed to bring Java technologies to the Haiku platform. The goal of the Haiku Java Team is to port OpenJDK to Haiku, and they would like to see the port included within the structure of Sun's OpenJDK project. The Haiku developers have already been in contact with members of the OpenJDK Porters Group to pursue their objective, and a formal proposal has also been submitted for consideration by the OpenJDK project. The Haiku Java Team is an initiative lead by Bryan Varner, who together with Andrew Bachmann worked on the port of Java to BeOS in the past (demo video).
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Installer, Distractions...
by stippi on Sat 5th Jan 2008 17:36 UTC
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The funny truth is, a clone of the BeOS Installer has been written years ago. Really. It is even included in the Haiku image at /boot/beos/apps (but not in the Leaf menu). In Haiku as in BeOS, the job of the installer is to let you pick a partition, optionally initialize it with BFS and then simply copy all the files off of the CD onto the partition. This is done and the Installer is definitely not holding up the release of a CD image. DriveSetup, the app which lets you partition your harddrive is not finished yet, and it is one missing part, though people have mentioned that they would be happy to partition with GParted.

Really, the reason why we have not released anything yet in terms of "Here is R1 alpha as a CD image, go ahead and try it!", is that Haiku is just not stable enough. We had fixes in OpenBFS code just very recently. Our intended audience *at the moment* are people which understand and can follow the installation procedures outlined at our website.

It is very hard to undo a bad first impression. And that's just what Haiku would give most people at this time if they actually tried to use it for something more than tracking down bugs.

As for ports of WebKit, OpenJDK and so on being a distraction... it's what people here already said:

1) It's not the core developers working on those anyways.

2) Making these ports possible at all by fixing bugs in Haiku or completing the implementation will obviously help Haiku the OS itself.

P.S. We actually do care what people think, a lot, but we can't help it, we have to do what we think is best. :-)

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