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KDE KDE's Aaron Seigo (who owes me a Martini) wrote about a few often-heard misconceptions and questions regarding KDE 4.0, which is supposed to be released January 11th. "Now that 4.0.0 is tagged and out and that bit of worry and concern is behind me for the moment, I wanted to take a moment to talk really bluntly about 4.0. In particular, I'm going to address some of the common memes in fairly random order that I see about kde 3.5 and 4.0. I'm going to speak bluntly (though not rudely) so prepare yourself."
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by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 5th Jan 2008 18:55 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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KDE 4.0 indeed is a foundation release. "to put the foundations in place for future innovations", I believe that was stated in the release announcements for the beta's and RC's quite a lot. Actually, I KNOW it was, as I wrote it. It is rather unfortunate people apparently have a hard time reading properly...

KDE4 existed before the RCs and betas. As far as I can recall, KDE 4.0 was not supposed to be a foundation release from day one - it only turned out to be that way later. Which is no problem (we live in a free world), but it does mean that what "KDE 4.0" was at the very early stages of KDE4 is quite different from what it actually turned out to be - and that discrepancy is noted by people.

Hence my solution of giving KDE 4.0 a different name, such as "KDE4 DR1" or something. That would have made it a lot clearer to people exactly what KDE 4.0 is.

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by superstoned on Sat 5th Jan 2008 19:25 in reply to "RE[5]: ..."
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Well, you are right about "KDE 4" having changed meaning over the years. I don't think that's strange - the KDE community didn't have such a very clear picture about what KDE 4 was meant to be 2 years ago. And of course, we dreamed it to be more than it could possibly turn out to be ;-)

I would've loved if KDE 4.0 would have been released a year ago, with all functionality KDE 3.5.8 has. But it didn't, and it was unrealistic to think we could do that.

I'm sure Apple would've wanted Mac OS X to be more than it turned out to be. I'm really really sure MS wanted more from Longhorn than Vista did deliver. But in the end they created those products, they got to name it. Can we please name KDE 4.0 like we wish? It's not like a .0 release which has less functionality in some areas than its predecessor is such a weird thing... Especially in FOSS. And did we under-deliver that badly? Considering there will most likely be a 4.1 release in 6 or 7 months, I'd say no.

I do get your point - maybe communication could've been better. 4.0 isn't incredibly great for the users of KDE 3.5.x, I regret that. But calling it anything but KDE 4.0 wouldn't help our cause either - I think Aaron (and others, including myself) made that pretty clear.

Anyway. What's in a name ;-) KDE 4.0 points toward the future, and I think it's a bright one. I believe that thanks to it, FOSS finally has a chance of really making a stand against the proprietary competition - I think I blogged about that a few times ;)

BTW, Happy new year, Thom... Got all your 10 fingers still attached?

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by segedunum on Sun 6th Jan 2008 22:22 in reply to "RE[5]: ..."
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Hence my solution of giving KDE 4.0 a different name, such as "KDE4 DR1" or something. That would have made it a lot clearer to people exactly what KDE 4.0 is.

What you're doing here is putting your own requirements on what KDE 4.0 is supposed to be in your mind - a complete desktop with your own unspecified functionality and ideas on stability.

In the open source world, and even in the proprietary world, a .0 release is not going to be as functionally complete, or even as stable, as .1, .2, .3, .4 or .5. Open source developers have to accept that fact. Release early release often, until we get to something of good quality that everyone is happy with.

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by DigitalAxis on Mon 7th Jan 2008 01:53 in reply to "RE[6]: ..."
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Well, to some extent, 1.0 releases tend to be pretty darn stable, mostly because many projects seem to go through 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4... 0.11 releases to get to that point, before deciding "Hey, I guess it's final!"

I guess KDE being so open and realistic about it is making things sound like KDE 4.0 isn't intended to be complete and reasonably bug-free, when I imagine it's more likely that KDE will be as bug-free as KDE.ev can make it, knowing deep down that it's not gonna be perfect the first time around, nor will all the side-applications be finished and perfect.

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