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BeOS & Derivatives According to a news post on the Haiku project website, a new port team is being formed to bring Java technologies to the Haiku platform. The goal of the Haiku Java Team is to port OpenJDK to Haiku, and they would like to see the port included within the structure of Sun's OpenJDK project. The Haiku developers have already been in contact with members of the OpenJDK Porters Group to pursue their objective, and a formal proposal has also been submitted for consideration by the OpenJDK project. The Haiku Java Team is an initiative lead by Bryan Varner, who together with Andrew Bachmann worked on the port of Java to BeOS in the past (demo video).
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RE: Wah wah wah
by JonathanBThompson on Sat 5th Jan 2008 19:10 UTC in reply to "Wah wah wah"
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An OS developed without concern for the applications ends up just being a big useless bucket of bits. An OS is the foundation for an application ecosystem, and like the natural world, it is beneficial to evolve things in parallel and adapt things as you go along, because what you first think will work often doesn't work as well as you thought it'd work.

Developing new applications alongside the OS at the same time gives more of a testing frameworks for the OS and also helps the application developers learn the platform's ins and outs. There are non BeOS 5.03 features that have been implemented (the Java port in the past comes to mind) that were added to the system precisely because they were needed, and BeOS 5.03 simply couldn't support them, and thus these features that were foreign to BeOS 5.03 are now native to Haiku, and greatly improve the system's value. If you look in the bug database for Haiku, you'll find a large number of filed bugs referencing other applications in development, even if they're only in mostly maintenance mode.

Not all application developers are capable of what's required to develop the OS itself for various reasons, but they have the time/energy/ability to work on the separate applications. Thus, they aren't taking away from the OS development as much as they're adding trees to the forest of the OS and the other applications to make it a much better habitat for all.

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