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Windows "Windows Vista didn't make a smooth market entrance; in fact, nearly every aspect of the operating system has been attacked since its release on January 30, 2007. Multiple SKUs allegedly confused customers, anti-DRM groups disliked Vista's Protected Video Path and its overall DRM friendliness, and Microsoft's definition of 'Vista Capable' got the company sued. Toss in a plethora of bugs and the usual consumer backlash over GUI changes, and you'd think consumers would be avoiding Vista in droves. According to new information, however, they aren't - Vista's adoption rate over the past year actually exceeded XP's in 2001, and consumers apparently choose Vista over XP by a 7:1 margin."
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"Upgrade" to XP
by DaaT on Mon 7th Jan 2008 12:47 UTC
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My gf bought a new Toshiba laptop last week, and the first thing I did was (using Toshiba provided drivers) erase it and install XP. How many more are doing this?

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RE: "Upgrade" to XP
by andrewg on Mon 7th Jan 2008 14:11 in reply to ""Upgrade" to XP"
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If you look at web statistics not a significant number because Vista continues to gain significant usage share at XP's expense.

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RE: "Upgrade" to XP
by gedmurphy on Mon 7th Jan 2008 14:50 in reply to ""Upgrade" to XP"
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"My gf bought a new Toshiba laptop last week, and the first thing I did was (using Toshiba provided drivers) erase it and install XP. How many more are doing this?"

Why don't you just let your g/f decide instead of forcing your views onto her??

I have Vista buisness, I love it and I would recommend it to everyone.
Yeah, there was a file copy problem initially, but that was fixed a while ago.

It seems to me that people shout about removing Vista and installing XP just to fall into the cool crowd.

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RE[2]: "Upgrade" to XP
by qroon on Tue 8th Jan 2008 10:56 in reply to "RE: "Upgrade" to XP"
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40 new laptops on our company, all shipped with Vista. First thing that the MS guys did was to remove Vista and install XP. ;) Maybe there are things like performance issues and software compatibility? Or maybe they (MS guys) are just trying be cool ;)

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RE: "Upgrade" to XP
by Quag7 on Tue 8th Jan 2008 18:10 in reply to ""Upgrade" to XP"
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Bought a Toshiba laptop for my wife this past Christmas.

It came with Vista and works fine, if a little slower than I'd like. Not crashy though, and all of the hardware works. I wouldn't bother downgrading. I don't even have an XP license.

I find some of the design choices a little goofy, but that might just be me, since the last Windows I used was Windows 2000 and my Windows habits kind of left off there.

If anything, what I don't get about Vista (besides its continuing "treat users like they're morons" out-of-the-box defaults) is what justifies it as a new OS. Aside from some cosmetics, it doesn't seem to add anything significant to XP.

It's boring. But, as I said, it seems to work okay on the Toshiba laptop.

To me it's still a matter of assessing it in two ways: vs. other Windows versions, and vs. other operating systems. For the former, aside from it dragging a bit, it seems about the same, and for the latter, well, I wouldn't use it, but I wouldn't use Windows, period.

But that's just me, personally.

I think in time most Windows users will wind up running Vista as they replace their machines. But until some crucial piece of software only works on Vista and not XP, I can see no point in paying to upgrade.

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