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Multimedia, AV "4Front Technologies is proud to announce the release of the source code to Open Sound System v4.0 under the BSD license for FreeBSD and other BSD compliant operating systems. OSS is a cross platform API that provides drivers for most consumer and professional audio devices for UNIX and POSIX based operating systems, including Linux. Owing to its open architecture, applications developed on one supporting operating system platform can be easily recompiled on any other platform. Open Sound System is also available for Linux under the GPLv2 license and OpenSolaris under the CDDL license. It is also available for commercial and proprietary operating systems under the 4Front commercial license."
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by coolvibe on Tue 8th Jan 2008 23:54 UTC
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This *is* good news. Go 4Front!

Not to sound like a fanboy, but OSS just is the standard for sound under any unix (or unix clone). I hope Linux ditches ALSA for this. The reasons I prefer OSS over ALSA are mostly practical: OSS is *the* cross-platform standard API that everyone knows and implements (as standard as BSD sockets almost, but then for sound), and the documentation is way (and I mean way) better than ALSA's.

Thank you 4Front!

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RE: Woohoo
by AlexandreAM on Wed 9th Jan 2008 00:42 in reply to "Woohoo"
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I Have to second that, although you should take my opinion with a ton of salt, since i know pretty much nothing about the implementation details of both.

I would just like to see an unified system under which every *nix system could be programmed for sound without too much hassle.

Way to go!

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RE: Woohoo
by sardaukar on Wed 9th Jan 2008 09:01 in reply to "Woohoo"
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Meh - ALSA is technically superior.

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RE: Woohoo
by vermaden on Wed 9th Jan 2008 10:03 in reply to "Woohoo"
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Yes, OSS is a great sound architecture with great documentation and all apps support it.

I do not know why Linux still keep this ALSA shit, while OSS is avialable, even at their beloved GPL2.

ALSA documentation, is as good as Linux documentation [very poor], check options.c for more info ...

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RE[2]: Woohoo
by gilboa on Wed 9th Jan 2008 16:16 in reply to "RE: Woohoo"
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No idea...

Oh wait, maybe because emu10k1 works in 5.1 configuration -out of the box- on my Audigy 2?
Or maybe because the nVidia HD sound works in 5.1 and 7.1 configuration, again out of the box, on my Gigabyte/Athlon64 combo?
... And I can continue. (~30 different configurations)

Alsa may not work for you, but it works out of the box for me - on a -large- number of machines/configurations.

(Well deserved) sarcasm aside, OSS will closed source when Linux switched to Alsa.
OSS is ~4 years too late.

- Gilboa

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RE: Woohoo
by Quake on Thu 10th Jan 2008 07:59 in reply to "Woohoo"
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ALSA was a dream come true! OSS was so hard to configure, even to configure the 5.1 speaker config or something as simple as the Treble/Bass.

So I say, unless OSS changes, it's never going to be the default in Linux.

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RE[2]: Woohoo
by BSDfan on Thu 10th Jan 2008 16:23 in reply to "RE: Woohoo"
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Your post is irrelevant "Quake".

OSS is the de facto "Unix audio" standard.. most Unix systems either have their own OSS emulation layer, or a commercial licence from 4-front.

Now that it's BSD licenced, OSS emulation layers can be improved.. or even replaced with the actual 4-front code base.

Linux is the entity that always seems to break with tradition.. it's as if Linux developers don't think twice about "Cross-Unix" portability.


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