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Linux Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux operating system, still has no plans to license the Linux kernel under version three of the GNU GPL anytime soon. Torvalds, a vocal critic of GPL v3 while it was being drafted, prefers GPL v2, he told Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jan. 8 in the first in a series of podcasts titled 'Open Voices', which will feature the industry's top open source and Linux leaders. Torvalds also said Linux was the project that made the split clear between the religious belief in freedom advocated by the Free Software Foundation and the technical superiority that open source and Linux have always been about.
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RE: Misleading story title
by ntl_ on Wed 9th Jan 2008 00:40 UTC in reply to "Misleading story title"
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See Bruce Perens' comment on Slashdot:

I think you may be wrong here, so I don't think any shame should be on Thom.

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RE[2]: Misleading story title
by Moocha on Wed 9th Jan 2008 21:04 in reply to "RE: Misleading story title"
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Really now. I would like Mr. Bruce Perens to back up his claims. I also would like to see airborne porcines, but both are typically just as likely.

Linus could not change the kernel license whenever he pleases. If you don't believe me, perhaps you'll believe Mr. Torvalds himself - see for example here:

Quoted from that email message:

Quite frankly, _if_ we ever change to GPLv3, it's going to be because somebody convinces me and other copyright holders to add the "or any later license" to all files

Just because it's Mr. Perens who has an opinion doesn't mean his opinion is even remotely correct.

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