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KDE KDE 4.0.0 has been released onto the world. "The KDE Community is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of KDE 4.0. This significant release marks both the end of the long and intensive development cycle leading up to KDE 4.0 and the beginning of the KDE 4 era." KDE 4.0 is the first release of "KDE 4", but take note that the developers have clearly stated that KDE 4.0 is not KDE 4, but more of a base release with all the underlying systems ready to go, but with still a lot of work to be done on the user-visible side. Download it from the KDE 4.0 info page. Update: Screenshots.
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RE[2]: That Taskbar...
by Joe User on Fri 11th Jan 2008 22:52 UTC in reply to "RE: That Taskbar..."
Joe User
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But of course you can right-click it and change its height, and of course if you want an additional functionality you can go to the library, rent a C++ Bible and start coding it yourself.

The problem is that it is not properly set up as default. That is the problem. Same for the look & feel. Of course you can go to kde-look and change the look & feel, but you shouldn't have to.

Compare with OS X or Windows. I yet have to see some one who feels the need to change default settings. Good decisions vs. bad decisions. That is the problem with KDE.

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RE[3]: That Taskbar...
by BluenoseJake on Fri 11th Jan 2008 23:29 in reply to "RE[2]: That Taskbar..."
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"Compare with OS X or Windows. I yet have to see some one who feels the need to change default settings"

WTF? Nobody you know has ever changed the wallpaper? Turned off luna? Changed the DPI? Changed the font size?

I can't believe it.

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RE[4]: That Taskbar...
by melkor on Mon 14th Jan 2008 11:39 in reply to "RE[3]: That Taskbar..."
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Get out into the real world - most people do NOT change the font size, turn off Luna etc. Most people do NOT know how to do those things. Some figure out how to add new wallpaper, but a lot of average users don't - they'll download something like webshots and do it that way, cos it's easier.

I have to agree with others though - KDE 4 is ugly. Ugly fonts, ugly buttons, and the window/panel decorations aren't much better. Come on KDE - first impressions are everything, how about releasing KDE 4 with a much better look to it? KDE 3.x looks far more sexier on its default install imho.

To all those saying "but this is v4.0, the real release is 4.1", I say so what? OS X looked damn sexy on the 10.0 release. Apple understands that looks are nearly everything. Get that right, and people will be more predisposed to try it. Compare it to dating - how many of you will date an ugly person, or give them a dating chance, when there's a much more attractive alternative? Get my point?


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