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Hardware, Embedded Systems reviews the Asus Eee PC. "The Asus Eee PC has been heralded as a groundbreaking new computing experience and great for children. While the computer didn't bowl me over, my kids were another matter. When you hear about how small the Eee is, believe it: the unit measures approximately nine by six inches and weighs a mere two pounds. It's hard to take something that small seriously because it looks like a toy (and its name sounds like a sneeze). Open the lid, however, and you'll find power and features that belie its diminutive size."
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My favourite tech purchase of 2007
by benmhall on Sun 13th Jan 2008 15:58 UTC
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In a year that saw a flurry of fun tech purchases (a Nokia 770 followed by a replacement N800, a MacBook and the EeePC) the EeePC stands as my favourite and most useful. While I still reach for the MacBook when doing major work, the MacBook has really been relegated to a portable PC, always plugged in to monitor, keyboard and mouse, the EeePC has completely taken over as my main laptop.

It's extremely convenient and has enough oomph for all of my routine tasks. At the size of a large-format pocket book, I routinely use the EeePC as a PDA, a browsing tool, an eBook reader, music player and video player. I think they completely nailed the form-factor. It's a great machine and is a shining example of why Linux is such an important software platform. This product would not have been possible with Windows, and Apple has no interest in such a low-priced and low-end system for OSX. Asus could not have customized or bundled an equivalent feature set, and the price certainly wouldn't have been so low. Just as importantly, for Asus anyway, they wouldn't have been able to make it with the profit margin that they are no doubt enjoying.

Go Asus!

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