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Databases MySQL AB and Sun have announced that MySQL has been bought by Sun. "Sun Microsystems today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL AB, an open source icon and developer of one of the world's fastest growing open source databases for approximately USD 1 billion in total consideration. The acquisition accelerates Sun's position in enterprise IT to now include the USD 15 billion database market. Today's announcement reaffirms Sun's position as the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy and its role as the largest commercial open source contributor." More here.
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The number of players goes down...
by Almafeta on Wed 16th Jan 2008 15:22 UTC
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I wonder what other buyouts will happen in 2008.

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MS will buy Linux!!!111

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so that's why they are going to ship windows 7 so early ;)

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Apparently Oracle has reached an agreement to buy BEA.

So there you are.

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