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Apple Like an anorexic fashion model, Apple's new super-thin MacBook Air has made too many compromises for the sake of being skinny. With such emaciated specs, many are asking: who would buy it?
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Who needs slim anyway?
by Glynser on Sat 19th Jan 2008 17:42 UTC
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I just can't undestand why it might be such a great thing to have an ultra-slim notebook. Is it really more portable that way? I don't think so, I carry my notebook around in a bag together with a mouse and other stuff, so I don't care how thick it is.

And having it on a table, I actually believe it might be a little weird to have such a slim thing on your desk. I might fear that the monitor is heavier and pulls it off ;)
And I can't imagine that those keys are good to type on. There are already too many bad notebook keyboards around (and I already hate the Apple desktop keyboards), so I can't imagine they are comfortable.

I just don't get the attractiveness of that. Also with TVs, why do they have to be so slim? What's so cool about being able to put it 3 centimeters nearer to the wall?! It's so crazy, it's marketing, but what's the use of it?

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RE: Who needs slim anyway?
by sbergman27 on Sat 19th Jan 2008 18:18 in reply to "Who needs slim anyway?"
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As with much of Apple's mystique, it's an image thing. The young hip guy in the Mac commercials pretty well sums up what they're going for. Maybe the quality is good. But I'd as soon have 2 Compaqs as one of these. Maybe I'm just too old to be young and hip? ;-)

Agreed on the limited value of slim. By the time you pack it up well enough and with the rest of your gear, you'd likely never notice the difference.

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RE[2]: Who needs slim anyway?
by Glynser on Sat 19th Jan 2008 18:34 in reply to "RE: Who needs slim anyway?"
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Well, Apple seams to do stuff only because they CAN. They always want to do the smallest stuff (like MacMini and so on), only to prove they CAN. But not because it's highly desirable ;)

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