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KDE Ars reviews KDE 4.0.0: "KDE 4.0 was officially released last week after extensive development. The long-awaited 4.0 release ushers in a new era for the popular open-source desktop environment and adds many intriguing new features and technologies. Unfortunately, the release comes with almost as many new bugs as it does features, and there is much work to be done before it sparkles like the 3.5.x series." They were also at the KDE 4.0 release event.
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RE: Can't have it both ways...
by johnboyholmes on Mon 21st Jan 2008 22:20 UTC in reply to "Can't have it both ways..."
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The real problem is that the KDE devs are making a big deal of this release at all. Why is there a 3 day "KDE 4.0 Release Event" for what is essentially a developer preview?

You are trolling right? Oh well, I will bite.

Do you think all the code for KDE 4.0.0 wrote itself?

The developers have just passed a major milestone. No, KDE 4.0.0 is not a developer preview, because the devs say it isn't. Now, let them celebrate their success or they will run out of enthusiasm and burn out.

BTW great work KDE devs, have some fun and I look forward to your future work.

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