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BeOS & Derivatives Yesterday we reported on GoBE Productive Software (I knew that) returning to the market with a new version, backed by an Indian firm. In addition, the source article claimed GoBE Software was closing a deal on buying the BeOS operating system from what can only be Access. During the night (as in, CET) Bruce Hammond, CEO of GoBE Software, sent me an email with a few clarifications, and I have the permission to reprint that email below. Read more for the email.
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RE[2]: KDE = Mac
by kragil on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 11:19 UTC in reply to "RE: KDE = Mac"
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Well, i googled and the old KDE libs seem to be LGPL, MIT or BSD .. so by licensing QT it seems to possible to build commercial cross platform appz using KDE ( prolly in Trolltechs interest tbh ).

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RE[3]: KDE = Mac
by Flatland_Spider on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 14:45 in reply to "RE[2]: KDE = Mac"
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There are two license models for the Qt toolkit. There is a proprietary license for proprietary software with a dollar amount attached to it. Then there is the GPLv2 licensed toolkit for open source software which is free as long as the code is open. Both licenses are cross platform.

Two links to the license matrix and overview.

I'm reading this as he meant GoBe Productive would get ported to Linux, and maybe other Unices? ;) , with Qt as the widget toolkit. That would in turn allow them to port Productive to OS X without having to change widget sets. I don't think he meant that Productive was going to be tied to KDE specifically.

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RE[4]: KDE = Mac
by boudewijn on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 15:25 in reply to "RE[3]: KDE = Mac"
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If he writes "KDE", I would guess he means "KDE"... And that makes a lot of sense. I _know_ how much KDE delivers to the office suite builder on top of Qt.

Their current Linux port, the one they couldn't get stable is based on GTK1.

Just for the record, Qt is now also licensed under GPLv3 and comes with a host of licensing exceptions.

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RE[4]: KDE = Mac
by aseigo on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 17:15 in reply to "RE[3]: KDE = Mac"
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I don't think he meant that Productive was going to be tied to KDE specifically.

Developing with KDE4 APIs does not equate to being tied to KDE specifically. Beyond being able to run KDE4 apps pretty well anywhere these days, many of the KDE4 frameworks have no interdependencies making selecting to use one or more of them fairly straightforward and without requiring commitment to the whole kit and kaboodle.

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