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Windows Rumour has it that Microsoft is pushing forward Windows 7 for a 2009 release. The first milestone build has supposedly already been shipped to select partners, according to APCMag. They claim to have access to a roadmap for Windows 7, but whether that claim holds any water remains to be seen. The Inq seems to believe APCMag, but that means about as much as a politician's word, so whether this is anything more than a rumour is difficult to say. CNet has more.
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RE: perhaps I missed it, but...
by Tyr. on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 17:55 UTC in reply to "perhaps I missed it, but..."
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Is Windows 7 based on XP or Vista?


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"Is Windows 7 based on XP or Vista?


the whole point, as the name indicates, is a new windows version. there will be other windows versions based on windows 6/vista before windows 7 is released. just like there was a windows2000/xp based on windows 5.


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but, They are starting from the vista codebase. a new major version number does not mean they are creating an entirely new codebase.

Vista was a huge rewrite and is actually pretty good feature wise. If SP1 fixes many of the glitches, then I don't think you will see people complaining too much about it going forward.

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