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BeOS & Derivatives The OpenJDK Porters Group approved by a unanimous vote the proposal submitted by the recently formed Haiku Java Team to port OpenJDK to Haiku. This makes Haiku the first OS platform to be sponsored by the Porters Group, and it means that the port is now officially part of the OpenJDK family of projects endorsed by Sun. The team already has a mailing list and a project home page; a mercurial repository is also on its way. Team lead Bryan Varner gives his latest update here on his blog.
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What's thisJava thing?
by Zenja on Thu 24th Jan 2008 02:03 UTC
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/me looks at Windows box at work.> No Java installed.
/me looks at Windows box at home.> No Java installed.
/me looks at MacBookPro.> Java installed by default, but no applications on box.
/me looks at Zeta box.> No Java installed.
/me looks at Haiku box ( while browsing with mozilla and listening to MP3 > No Java installed.

So, what's this Java thing? Anyone actually use it?

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RE: What's thisJava thing?
by umccullough on Thu 24th Jan 2008 02:33 in reply to "What's thisJava thing?"
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Perhaps the right question is: If you ran across a website that embedded some "rich" functionality beyond what can be done with a standard web browser with javascript - would you rather it was a Java applet, Flash, or maybe even something new such as Silverlight?

I know which answer I would choose.

Furthermore, given that Haiku (and BeOS) is still lacking in an abundance of good, modern software in all categories - Java has plenty of opportunity to fill gaps that will exist until application developers catch up with Haiku and write native apps.

Anyhow, I'm certainly no Java zealot - but come on...

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RE: What's thisJava thing?
by ahmetaa on Thu 24th Jan 2008 02:38 in reply to "What's thisJava thing?"
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in your windows machine probably everything was written in C++. i bet you dont have any application using C# , php or python either. go to a server room for a change. or visit a developer.

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RE[2]: What's thisJava thing?
by Zenja on Thu 24th Jan 2008 03:28 in reply to "RE: What's thisJava thing?"
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I'm actually a principal software engineer. We write our own Operating System, graphics library, network subsystem, API framework etc. No .NET. No Java.

Do you guys think that prior to 1995, there was a dark ages in software? You know, people were playing games, watching movies, creating media content, doing office work, browsing the net, using client/server achtiectures etc, well before Java and .NET were released to the world.

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RE: What's thisJava thing?
by fyysik on Thu 24th Jan 2008 10:49 in reply to "What's thisJava thing?"
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Well. 85% of programmers here I know are Java-programmers.. And looking at open job position I suspect that it is situation for whole programming industry here. In web-centric era lot of things is happening behind your look/scene at servers.

So, it is matter of platform-popularity around programmers, not end-users. My son was active BeOS-user, until he got programmer education and job - and for long time he had hope for BeOS Java port - as it don't matter for Java, as you can guess, which platform to use for development. But then he dropped BeOS fully - not due lack of "end-user" apps. But just because lack of Java.

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RE[2]: What's thisJava thing?
by TQH ! on Thu 24th Jan 2008 12:39 in reply to "RE: What's thisJava thing?"
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I'm one too. Java rocks.

Unfortunatly Swing's threading forces everyone to learn threading to write a good app, but most don't. So what users percieve as slow Java is just a messed up GUI where everything is waiting for the GUI-thread.

Luckily the Be API choose a better solution where they actually for most cases implemented this threading for you. This is done by using messaging and a worker thread for each window, in comparison to one worker-thread and incoherent calling/messaging in Swing.

Firefox/Mozilla unfortunatly uses the Swing approach which will guarantee that the GUI will never be as good as it could be.

And to put a band-aid on Java they actually added SwingWorker to the API. Personally I think they should rethink the threading completly.

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RE: What's thisJava thing?
by computrius on Thu 24th Jan 2008 18:00 in reply to "What's thisJava thing?"
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Well, it has a lot of use if cross platform is important to a developer (without having to maintain several versions of the source/binary) and fast performance is not an issue (not saying that java is slow, but it will never be as fast as a native binary).

The point? Just because you don't use it, does not mean that no-one uses it, and that its pointless.

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