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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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RE[3]: Simple answer
by umccullough on Thu 24th Jan 2008 03:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Simple answer"
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In theory, yes. But what actually happened is Firefox became popular as a Windows app. I would say between 80 to 95% of Firefox's browser marketshare is shared between Windows and Mac OS X users. In fact, there has been some speculation that Mozilla might be treating the *nix version as a second-class citizen.


I mean jeez - are you saying Firefox was originally developed for Linux and ported to Windows? Why would you simply assume that Open Source software is primarily developed for an Open Source OS and then ported to Windows?

The fact is - Windows has the market share. If you're going to write an application, whether it be open or closed source, commercial or free - you're probably going to build it on the platform that is going to have the most market-share for your target audience. Firefox was developed primarily for Windows, secondarily for Linux and other OSes, period - stop pretending that it wasn't.

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RE[4]: Simple answer
by ecruz on Thu 24th Jan 2008 04:06 in reply to "RE[3]: Simple answer"
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You are totally correct. But do not expect these guys here, the Linux guys, to ever understand that idea. They probably do not even know the origin of Firefox. It came from Mozilla, which came from Netscape, and both were written with Windows in mind.
While I am on this subject, I have two PC running Vista, no problem. A laptop with XP, fine. Two of the PC's had Linux for a while, but that is gone now. I got tired of having to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything.
Instead of all the arguments you hear on this site and others, concentrate on getting a more polished OS. Like one poster said, Windows is terrible, how does it come up with that? It works for 90% of users. Can't say the same about Linux. For the rest of you, take a reality pill.
When Linux becomes better than Windows, stable and with the right applications, I will be the first to switch. I love freebies just like the fanatical FOSS guys, I just do not demand it like they prefer to do.
OS's are just software, not religion. Come back to earth kids!
A little poll: Do you think that this guy Stallman, is jealous that he didn't write Linux. That his baby, The Hurd, is of no consequence in the open source world?
I do. And it drives him crazy. Too bad though, without Linux he would be as obscure as he should be. He is nore detrimental to open source software than anyone. Don't believe me, if you had the access, discuss this with IT guys making decisions in big companies and why they worry about GPL 3.

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RE[5]: Simple answer
by anda_skoa on Thu 24th Jan 2008 12:44 in reply to "RE[4]: Simple answer"
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They probably do not even know the origin of Firefox. It came from Mozilla, which came from Netscape, and both were written with Windows in mind.

While talking about Firefox origins one shouldn't forget that the Unix people were basically the ones saving Mozilla from extinction, both by providing the development resources for building upon the code dump and by constantly recommending it to Windows using friends and relatives.

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