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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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All of your "reasons" for sticking with Windows actually depend on the point that you have already locked yourself in to Windows, to your own cost.

Yes, and I think these reasons are valid because they naturally map to reality. ;)

My point is that if you are considering a new purchase, where you don't necessarily already have a huge investment in and dependency on Windows (poor you), then Linux is actually compelling.

I think this mostly works if you don't yet have computer experience because otherwise you do a "switch" which costs time and effort. Even if many computers come pre-installed with Linux it might not become very successful because it doesn't really improve the user experience compared to Windows. It's just cheaper and I'm not sure if being less than $100 cheaper is enough compensation for having to get used to a new environment and possibly risking interoperability problems. Most people keep their computer for many years, so over the years it might not even be seen as a lot of money (price isn't everything; many people buy expensive iPods instead of cheaper and more feature-loaded alternatives). OTOH, if there were really compelling advantages in switching (e.g., much easier to use; a joy to work with) then the cheaper price is a real bonus and marketing hype would be so much easier.

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