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Mac OS X This article is about new aspects of the never-ending story of how Apple is protecting MacOS X for running on different hardware than Apple's. The keyword is virtualization, which allows running unmodified version of Mac OS X as virtualized instance.
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RE: Don't buy the product
by drynwhyl on Fri 25th Jan 2008 21:58 UTC in reply to "Don't buy the product"
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>I have a solution for you:

Which is a non-solution, since it solves nothing at all.

>Buy an Apple computer or live without osx.

Or find a way to install OSX on non-apple hardware.

>As much as I would like a mercedes... Mercedes tells me
>that I have to pay them $50,000+ or live without

But they do not try to restrict which car mechanic you are gonna go to or which roads you are alloweed to drive on.

>I am not entitled to a product just because I want it.

And Apple is not entitled to restrict how I can use a product I bought.

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RE[2]: Don't buy the product
by alucinor on Fri 25th Jan 2008 22:08 in reply to "RE: Don't buy the product"
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They don't sell the OS, they sell the hardware/OS as a sealed bundle. It's only incidental that you as a computer-savvy individual understand the difference between an operating system and the hardware it's running on, but Apple's approach is to simply sell "a computing experience" and if that's what they're selling, that's what you get.

The EULA basically is preventing companies from building supporting infrastructure for OSX separate from the hardware ecosystem. While it's technically "illegal" for anyone to try to separate the operating system from the hardware, there's no real possibility that Apple will pursue legal action against the hacker community from running virtualized Mac OSX on non-Mac hardware. However, the moment any other company breaks the EULA and attempts this, Apple's lawyers will bite them quick. And they don't have to support hackers in their endeavors.

All the more reason to continue developing free software UNIX operating systems, ala BSD and Linux. Need closed commercial apps that only run on closed commercial operating systems? I guess one can either whine (or wine, haha) about it or simply use free software and help build a free computing ecosystem to address all our constructive needs. And of course, you can simply buy those company's products on their terms.

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RE[2]: Don't buy the product
by godawful on Sat 26th Jan 2008 01:30 in reply to "RE: Don't buy the product"
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er, apple isn't telling anyone where they can get their computer serviced (any apple authorized dealer) or which internets people can go on...

oh i see, that was just a bad analogy

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