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Internet Explorer "Internet Explorer 8 is going to be the most standards-compliant IE yet, but it's going about it in a way that has some people scratching their heads. With Internet Explorer 8, you have a choice in standards compliance modes. Sound oxymoronic? Shouldn't there be one standards mode by default? Heck, shouldn't the only mode be standards mode? Ah, idealism." Please note, however, that John Resig of Mozilla Corporation spotted something interesting: "Internet Explorer 8 will support DOCTYPE switching for new DOCTYPEs (like HTML5). This really does change any frustration that someone should have concerning the new meta tag. This means that you can write your web pages in a completely standards-based way (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript) and not have to use a single browser-centric tag in order to do so."
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by wanker90210 on Sat 26th Jan 2008 10:29 UTC
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Having a serious addiction to Firebug, I really hope they will make life easier debugging in the new version. I do indeed have their Jscript debugger enabled, and it has saved me several times, but sometimes it would be nice to see the reasoning behind a failed layout.

In Firebug one can se both a computerized CSS but also the brilliant overview of how values are inherited. Naturally seeing the Dom view is priceless too.

I think we all have had our WTF moments where an element is on one side in Safari, FF etc and on the opposite side in IE.

Microsoft's strengths, to me, is their development tools. I hope they would put some efforts in this area in IE; it's obviously just a question of motivation from their part.

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RE: firebug
by google_ninja on Sun 27th Jan 2008 16:38 in reply to "firebug"
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I agree that firebug pwnz all, but with those two you have pretty much everything you could want.

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RE[2]: firebug
by wanker90210 on Tue 29th Jan 2008 12:16 in reply to "RE: firebug"
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Brilliant! Thanks!

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