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OSNews, Generic OSes Have you ever gone on vacation and missed a day's news? Ever have a busy day and need to quickly catch up on what you missed? Well, your problems are solved with the new OSNews Digest. Read on for details. UPDATED
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RE: Weekly Digest
by aaronb on Tue 12th Jul 2005 15:06 UTC in reply to "Weekly Digest"
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Hi there

Please could you post a link to the HTML version. It world be realy good if it kept the feel as the site. For example the light lime green and ligh gray brown colours.

In the text version it noticed that it gave a slot for adds. Please, please do not link pictures off the net in the HTML email. Instead use text like google adds that blend in.

Most if not all pictures in spam can not be read at all as the get blocked by Kmail, Outlook and evolution.



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