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Windows "Looks like Microsoft is not planning to release Windows 7 in 2009. Microsoft's official response, by an email dated 26th January, 2008, to WinVistaClub states that Windows 7 is still in the planning stage and will take approximately 3 years to develop." So there.
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Perhaps they need a new release schedule?
by Arakon on Sun 27th Jan 2008 21:20 UTC
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Seems to me all the other players are on a release often schedule. Perhaps that's why Windows is getting left behind so badly. Mac OSX releases major revisions yearly, and a lot of the Big Linux distributions release every 6 months.

Perhaps Microsoft needs to shift their development style to something similar releasing yearly builds that maintain decent compatibility for a much smaller price like $100 similar to Mac OSX.

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Mac OSX releases major revisions yearly

Panther was released in October 2003, Tiger was released in April 2005, and Leopard was released in October 2007. That's hardly annual.

a lot of the Big Linux distributions release every 6 months.

Which one besides Ubuntu and Fedora? openSUSE? - No. PCLinuxOS? - No. Debian? Yeah, right... ;-)

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a lot of the Big Linux distributions release every 6 months.

Which one besides Ubuntu and Fedora? openSUSE? - No. PCLinuxOS? - No. Debian? Yeah, right... ;-)

Two out of five is still a lot... ;-

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Perhaps -- but my experience has been the opposite. Most Windows users I have met, have been the most resistant to change of any user population. This is why you still see Windows 98 machines, sadly, in use. I don't think Microsoft users have been driven by the latest and greatest in a long time. I think we see some evidence of this now with people holding on to Windows XP with considerable resolve. Some Windows fans here on may feel differently, but they are not typical Windows users.

Windows ME really soured users, more than anything else. Since then, people have been suspicious of Microsoft upgrades. I remember trying to sell people on Windows 2000 when it came out - as a consumer, home OS - and no one was interested, even though, despite not being marketed as such, it was a fantastic home desktop, once all the drivers were in place. Fortunately, a computer upgrade cycle forced a lot of people into Windows XP, which probably 9 out of 10 people (I'm guessing) consider Microsoft's best OS for desktop use.

I think people would rather see Windows XP patched, enhanced, and possibly skinned, than upgraded. We recently got a laptop here with Vista, and of course, being a reader of sites like this, I certainly had some expectations. Some fear and loathing, really, based on what I've read.

For me, Vista is not particularly crashy, but it is really, really heavy. I am really disheartened by the sluggishness on a dual core laptop with 2 gigs of RAM. I knew its requirements were heavy but this goes beyond absurd into surreal. Almost like something out of the movie Brazil.

I think, if anything, the people looking forward to a Microsoft release are going to be the ones stuck with Vista, who are having a similar experience as I am. It's going to be a long wait. I am hoping in the intervening years, the Apple or Linux world will become more attractive to people unhappy with Vista so we can have a more diverse OS ecosystem. Side by side, right now, KDE looks a lot better than Vista, in terms of snappiness. When something makes KDE look lean by comparison, you know there's a problem.

Right now, Microsoft is at its most vulnerable, in terms of owning consumer desktops. If there was ever a chance to kick over the monument to conformity than Microsoft is, it is now. Even those who don't hate Vista (I don't even hate it), tend to be fairly lukewarm about it.

Beyond this, I've dug through Vista's configuration dialogs and I cannot really find a single notable "wow" enhancement that counterbalances the problems I've had with it. The lack of vision here is astounding, even for Microsoft.

I am not so sure that XP users, however, are all that excited or obsessed about a new Windows, after hearing story after story of Vista's shortcomings. As an OS enthusiast, I am curious, and I hope Microsoft does a better job and innovates something worth copying.


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