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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Nexenta Core Platform RC3 is available for download now. Main feature is Xen Dom0/DomU platform support. Other changes in this release includes: critical fixes for native CIFS server, critical fixes for ZFS, critical bug fixes for SATA and networking stacks. CIFS client now included. The Debian apt repository is now complete, with about 2500 tested packages.
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SATA fixes, yummy.
by uteck on Mon 28th Jan 2008 16:23 UTC
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I tried the last RC on my system, but it did not have a driver for my SATA chipset. I hope this RC fixes that. I am looking forward to giving it a try. Apt-clone looks very handy and I ma sure I will take advantage of it.
(For people not familer with it, apt-clone will make a snapshot of the current filesystem prior to installing new stuff. It them makes a grub entry of the old FS and the new. So if you want to revert back, you just reboot and pick your backup.)

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RE: SATA fixes, yummy.
by Jondice on Mon 28th Jan 2008 19:58 in reply to "SATA fixes, yummy."
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apt-clone sounds pretty fantastic and I'm thinking about using Nexenta 1.0 on my new file server. I've been building a home file server out of a Sun Ultra 40 M2 (using 1TB drives purchased from newegg - Sun's hard drives are too expensive for me).

For anyone interested in using an Ultra 40 as a file server - it has 8 hard drive bays and a decent price tag. The only catch is that you have to buy hard drive brackets for the additional drives if you don't want to buy them from Sun. You can usually find them on ebay or refurb vendors (the old model brackets are <$10 usually, though for some reason the new ones are $70 - they are identical except for the color). The Ultra 40's case is *Very nice* - my first time working with something other than a home built system or a dell/gateway/etc.

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RE[2]: SATA fixes, yummy.
by Luminair on Mon 28th Jan 2008 20:39 in reply to "RE: SATA fixes, yummy."
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I like the quality of Sun hardware too. But still, the only thing an Ultra 40 does better than a similar x86 system is support more RAM and cost more money. ;)

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