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Features, Office "There's been quite a bit of buzz recently after it was announced that OpenOffice 3 was due in September. It seems, however, most people still aren't aware of what's in store. The website is a rather scary place. We managed to find this conference presentation lurking in the shadows before running away in fear of mid 90's web design. Here's the best bits."
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RE[2]: And also email
by BigDaddy on Wed 30th Jan 2008 13:37 UTC in reply to "RE: And also email"
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I was certainly hoping that OO3 would bring new, more logical, user interface like Microsoft did on Office 2007.

As a loooong time user of Excel, and a SME in my office environment on the Office Suite, I can attest to large portion of regular Office 2007 users that it is not a "logical" user interface. Some like it, but most people I work with hate it.

It takes more mouse clicks to accomplish simple tasks. You cannot customize the ribbon, not add your own customized tab without purchasing addons. The UI does not match the rest of the OS unless you are using a gawd awful glassy Vista-esque visual style. (I like the classic obviously.) Office2K7 doesn't accept third party window enhancements like FileBox that add buttons to the titlebar. (always on top, rollup...)

That being said, I love the sorting capabilities and the seemingly unlimited rows in Excel, but other than that I miss Office 97, 2000, or even XP. I think once it got to 2003 with those ugly gradients in the toolbars I just can't stand looking at Office. Then as well as now, there should be an option for the UI appearance.

If people like it, that is great for them. I would like to have the option to change the interface though. Especially if the thing cost $500 USD.

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