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FreeBSD "In December 2003, I wrote a script for remotely upgrading a linux system to FreeBSD. I gave it a catchy name ('Depenguinator', inspired by the 'Antichickenator' in Baldur's Gate), announced it on a FreeBSD mailing list and on Slashdot, and before long it was famous. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for changes in the layout of FreeBSD releases to make the Depenguination script stop working; so for the past three years I have been receiving emails asking me to update it to work with newer FreeBSD releases." And now it's back.
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RE[3]: Broken for 3 years ...
by BluenoseJake on Wed 30th Jan 2008 18:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Broken for 3 years ..."
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That doesn't mean that wants to be responsible for, and support such a hack, even if it is a very cool hack (and it is)

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"Simply put your either a fool or a BSD for not adopting , using , supporting or doing something that help your project adoption or platform adoption."

Uh, I don't really see how this would really help FreeBSD that much, and they have the right to decide how they want things done.

"Thats the point precisely , bunch of irressponsible people complaining how they are always behind everyone else because of a bunch of self invented excuses ..."

I don't really hear that from the BSD's, maybe Theo, but he doesn't speak for everyone. And it is irresponsible to officially support a script that can change a computers OS remotely. I think it's pretty dangerous, and there are better ways (not easier) to build a FreeBSD system.

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RE[4]: Broken for 3 years ...
by Oliver on Thu 31st Jan 2008 16:34 in reply to "RE[3]: Broken for 3 years ..."
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Of course not, but that isn't the topic. But apart from that, most of his "hacks" are in FreeBSD now ;-)

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