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RE[4]: To the critics
by sbergman27 on Sat 2nd Feb 2008 13:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: To the critics"
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What ads? I pay the nickel a day membership because I enjoy the site. Subscribers don't get ads.

At any rate, I can see that it is pointless to appeal to your better nature because you don't seem to have one. And there is really no need, because you've made it abundantly clear how much your opinion is actually worth. And not just to me, I'd wager. But to pretty much anyone around here who appreciates work done by others on for his or her benefit.

BTW, and in case you didn't know, no one is paid to look after OSNews. It is entirely a volunteer effort. What little money that comes in from ad revenue and membership fees goes to paying for the costs of the site so that the volunteers do not have to pay the bandwidth costs, etc. out of their own pockets.

Have a nice day.

-Steve Bergman

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